About Us

Microtop Computer L.L.C. Is a company founded in 1994 by well-experienced people in the IT Industry, bringing together the expertise in the areas of IT industry with Quality Management, Design reliability, Best service support and Product marketing.

Microtop Computer L.L.C. became one of the largest Computers and Components re-seller and distributors  in the Gulf, Africa, Middle East, and even Russian.
On 1998, the company took a leading part in the IT field and expanded its operation to manage a parallel services from the far east.
Microtop Computer L.L.C. is a regional distributor of computer components, options and accessories from the world's leading manufacturers. Since the company was founded, it has been our goal to give priority to focus, flexibility, reliability and partnership. Teaming up with Concentration gives you the most dedicated partner in optimizing your IT purchase.
Microtop Computer L.L.C. are highly qualified and give you their utmost attention all the way. Many years of experience allow us to provide a solution, which comprises high quality product knowledge, logistics, and market and product know-how. Our strong international relations with co-operative partners allow us to provide a product that meets your expectations. We are your eyes in an ever-changing market.
At Microtop Computer L.L.C. focus is key to success. We are experts in our carefully selected product range in order to make sure that you are always offered the right product at the most competitive price. We see ourselves as a niche distributor, who takes pride in guiding our co-operative partners in the very best way.
We established a lasting and personal co-operation with our customers. A personal and reliable co-operation lay the groundwork for the best relations, which are one of the conditions for increasing profits. At Microtop Computer L.L.C. you are assigned one personal Account Manager, who takes care of everything from sales and logistics to complaints.
Microtop Computer L.L.C. is a distributor in a constantly changing market, we recognize the importance of delivering your products as quickly as possible. Therefore, we carry all popular options and components in stock. This means that we can offer you day-to-day delivery all over Europe, and in this way we can help you meet your deadlines.
look forward to welcoming you as a Microtop Computer L.L.C. partner.